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Tandem Skydiving

Have you wanted to cross skydiving off your bucket list?
If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.


A tandem skydive is our most popular choice to experience the rush of freefall without a training program. The instructor will do all the work, and your job is to have fun!

You will be connected to an instructor who will guide you through the entire experience as you both climb aboard the aircraft and climb to 13,000 feet above sea level (ASL). Ready, set, GO! You’ll exit the aircraft and freefall together for 35–45 seconds, reaching speeds of 200 km/h before your parachute is deployed. Once under the parachute, you’ll experience a five-minute panoramic canopy ride down to the ground.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see Lake Simcoe, the beautiful countryside, and the city of Toronto skyline all
at once.    



Jump Prices

Find out how much tandem skydiving costs

10,500 ft. Package

A.K.A Basic Tandem Skydive. Approximately 35 seconds of freefall before a five-minute parachute ride down to the ground.


12,250 ft. Package

A.K.A Stratosphere Tandem Skydive. Approximately 45 seconds of freefall before a five-minute parachute ride down to the ground.


15,500 ft. Package

A.K.A Moonshot Tandem Skydive. The highest altitude tandem offered in Ontario, is an oxygen equipped ride to altitude. Approximately 60 seconds of freefall before a five-minute parachute ride down to the ground.


Additional Charges

  • 250 lbs–265 lbs
  • $89+HST

  • 266 lbs–280 lbs
  • $115+HST


  • Minors surcharge
  • $106+HST

  • Special circumstance/mobility restrictions
  • $115+HST


Note that prices may change at any time without notice
Please review our Refund & Cancellation Policy

Media Packages


Your instructor will be wearing two cameras mounted to their arm, and they’ll film your skydive from that perspective (their arm acts like a selfie stick). The photos and video have that selfie vibe with lots of feeling and emotion being captured.

One of the benefits of this package is that your instructor is able to keep filming and taking photographs after your parachute has opened. Freefall is quite loud, but once the parachute is open, the wind stops, and you can have a normal conversation together (with the best view that you’ve ever seen). It’s a truly special moment!


Outside Videographer

In this experience, you hire a videographer to go up in the plane and skydive at the same time you do. They come so close to you throughout your freefall that you could hold their hands. This ensures that they capture all of your reactions, while still being able to capture the view and those great exit shots as you leave the aircraft. It gives you a real
sense of just how big the sky actually is.

The videographer isn’t able to stay with you once your parachute opens, but they will be waiting on the ground to film you and your instructor’s landing and your post-skydive adrenaline rush! This entire package gives you the feeling of watching your skydive from an outside perspective, through the eyes of a third person.


Movie Star Package

If you can’t decide which media package to purchase, then why not get the best of both?

With this package, your instructor will wear two cameras on his or her arm, capturing your freefall and parachute ride, while an outside videographer films your skydive and landing.

It is quite literally the paparazzi media package. It’s your skydive. You deserve it all!


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rush of freefall?

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