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15,500 ft. Moonshot Tandem

The highest altitude tandem skydive available in Ontario

It’s time to prove your daredevil status by skydiving from the highest altitude offered in Ontario!

It takes courage to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone. Take your adrenaline rush to new heights with up to 1-minute of freefall!

You and your instructor will exit the plane at a high altitude of 15,500 feet; which is almost 3 miles (5 kilometres) above the ground! Your heart rate will increase as your body attempts to comprehend this sensation it has never felt before. Together you will accelerate to terminal velocity – 120 mph (190 km/h) for over 70% longer than our basic tandem from 10,500 feet. After the freefall of a lifetime, your parachute is deployed, followed by a 5-minute parachute ride back down to the ground. Remember to keep your eyes open so you can take in the incredible views!

How does a high-altitude tandem work?

The preparation required is relatively the same as a basic tandem. However, due to the oxygen levels reducing at higher altitudes, a.k.a the ‘air becomes thinner’, you will be supplemented by our onboard oxygen-equipped Cessna 208 as you climb to altitude. Once the plane reaches 9000 feet, your certified and experienced tandem instructor will advise you to connect to the oxygen supply until you reach exit altitude.

From here, you will exit the plane connected to your instructor and experience the thrill of a lifetime!

What is included?

  • The thrill of a lifetime
  • High-altitude tandem
  • All necessary equipment
  • Oxygen mask and supplemental oxygen
  • Skydive from 15,500 feet
  • Discount coupon for $70 off our solo certification courses (coming soon)
  • Daredevil Status Confirmed certificate

Ready to skydive?

  • High-altitude tandems offered during June to September (warmer months of the season)
  • If the circumstances do not permit a high-altitude tandem skydive, you will be offered a credit for the difference between the amount paid and the altitude at which you jumped that may be put towards another service at Skydive Toronto Inc. , or you may receive a refund of the difference.

A.B.C. / Altitude Begins with Courage

Jump Price

Find out how much tandem skydiving costs

15,500 ft.

A.K.A Moonshot Tandem Skydive. The highest altitude tandem offered in Ontario, is an oxygen equipped ride to altitude. Approximately 60 seconds of freefall before a five-minute parachute ride down to the ground.


Additional Charges

  • 250 lbs–265 lbs
  • $89+HST

  • 266 lbs–280 lbs
  • $115+HST


  • Minors surcharge
  • $106+HST

  • Special circumstance/mobility restrictions
  • $115+HST


Note that prices may change at any time without notice
Please review our Refund & Cancellation Policy

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